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Show me the data!
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Achieve Your Education & Training Goals with Data Insights

Inform Your Decisions

Knowing what's happening with your LMS helps you to make directional changes that align with your goals - faster and more efficiently. Trends in non-performers? Make a correction. Trends in high-achievers? Replicate it.

Engage Your Learners

Consistently, research tells us that engaged learners perform better. Understanding the engagement levels of your learners (or lack thereof) targets areas of institutional improvement.

See Your Success

The true value of data visualization lies in its ability to help you show - not just tell - your story. Let IntelliBoard help you with the data points you need to visualize what you need to do.


Identify patterns of learner behavior and create appropriate interventions to keep learners focused.

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Feel Secure

Know that your data is your data. Visualizations are generated upon requests from a secure backup - never interfering with your LMS data.

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Monitor Learning Progress

Use multiple reports that identify at-risk learners using your institutional parameters.

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Compare & Analyze

Compare course performance across time, learner and instructor. Compare individual learners.

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Track Results Instantly

Get to know your learners: high achieving, at-risk, under-engaged; all with a single click.

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Notify Specific Users

Schedule reports for when you need them. Create event notifications based upon defined triggers.

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IntelliBoard works with your LMS platform.

Your data. Right here. Right now.

The true value of data visualization lies in its ability to
help you show – not just tell – your story.

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    Track and analyze your data in real-time with IntelliBoard, a Blackboard partner, Canvas partner, Desire2Learn partner, and Moodle Premium Integrator. IntelliBoard is user-friendly, aesthetic, and our client support is nothing short of spectacular. We'll help to identify specific reports and analytics for your most immediate needs and partner with you for future ones.

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