Melissa Hortman
Melissa Hortman
EdD, Assitant Professor, Director of Instructional Technology

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is a health science and academic center based in South Carolina. MUSC consists of a six-college campus and 700-bed medical center that has 13,000 employees, 3000 students, and 800 residents. The MUSC Transplant Center is ranked in the top ten organ transplantation centers in the United States.

Dr. Melissa Hortman, Assistant Professor of Graduate Studies and Director of Instructional Technology, shared how IntelliBoard impacts MUSC:

We [must have] data to survive in higher ed. And [easy access to data] was one of the pieces missing from our LMS; real time data that we could [process locally]. We sought so many different queries...[IntelliBoard] was the answer. We could have a tool that would give us really powerful data. 

One of my favorite parts of IntelliBoard is the Learner Dashboard. The Learner Dashboard and the Instructor Dashboard are essential for our users. I was in class recently where students [navigating to other course elements] from their IntelliBoard Learner Dashboard. We had an LMS update in January and the connection to IntelliBoard went down. It was amazing; we heard about it within minutes [and easily restored the connection]; it was [considered by students] “apocalyptic” of sorts — they couldn’t navigate or get the information they wanted. The user experience, the learner, the instructor; they live by that dashboard. Live by it.

For the Instructor Dashboard, we [focused] on a “one-stop shop” [to identify] what needs to be graded, what needs to be looked at, what are your immediate needs. Look at your course, look at your students right now. What are their needs right now? 

From the administration level, for us to be able to run reports [for everything] helps us to back up with data...back up how we're supporting the institution, and how we can continue to grow our support for the institution.

My dissertation focused on how higher ed responds to and buys into change. IntelliBoard [is contributing to] shaping institutional change. And yes, you can provide a tool all day. You can have the people all day. You can have the data all day but there has to be some sort of connection across all three so that you can change.

[IntelliBoard is] powerful not just for the user, but also for leadership. It [speaks to] all levels of data for all users. I enjoy working with the IntelliBoard team, how open [IntelliBoard is] to change, and that's really helped us too. [That IntelliBoard] [builds] customized reports — and a product that is willing to change with the times — with the features, and the needs of the users. It’s been just a wonderful collaboration.