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Get to know your learners: high achieving, at-risk, under-engaged; all with a single click.
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Identify patterns of learner behavior and create appropriate interventions to keep learners focused.

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Know that your data is your data. Visualizations are generated upon requests from a secure backup - never interfering with your LMS data.

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Use multiple reports that identify at-risk learners using your institutional parameters.

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Compare course performance across time, learner and instructor. Compare individual learners.

Track Results Instantly

Get to know your learners: high achieving, at-risk, under-engaged; all with a single click.

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Schedule reports for when you need them. Create event notifications based upon defined triggers.

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Gaining insight into the activity that our learners have on each course to the level of detail that we can get [before IntelliBoard] has been invaluable. [Without IntelliBoard] it's hard to see the engagement.
Meg Petersen Senior Program Manager - IBM
By looking at IntelliBoard data, we have been able to more substantively understand student engagement and how students are engaging in their coursework. It helps our academic leadership answer strategic questions about academic offerings.
Ryan Servant Academic Affairs Technical Lead - Loyola University Maryland
Retention is a huge deal because (due to Covid) students are not present in class every day. We needed a way to track attendance without [involving professors]. I discovered the Course Activity Reports that literally tell me who has not logged in for x days...helping us to intervene with retention efforts for our students.
Manda Gibson Division of Academic Affairs - Simpson College
We use IntelliBoard to solve several different reporting problems. One is to provide reporting to SAS customers on their [respective] employees, the courses, and the employee activity when they purchase training from us. They see a return on investment for training, with confirmation that their folks are completing the training.
Jim Farrell Director, Learning Design & Development - SAS
[Palliser Beyond Borders] operate[s] as a teaching and learning community. When our students log on, they are part of a live and vibrant teaching community. IntelliBoard has allowed us to get to know every single one of our students. Running reports, comparing it to previous weeks, we identify what our student patterns are, their heavy usage periods, and their light usage periods. We learn how they engage with their online learning.
Alison Hancox & Stephanie Krammer Principal/Teacher - Palliser Beyond Borders
Since we've been using's everything that we need [for] reporting. As far as usability and everything that it has to offer, it's been great for us. As a matter of fact, I was just at our Sharp National Dealer meeting and I demonstrated it to all of our dealers in the room; a huge success.
John Menzzasalma Manager Web Training - Sharp Electronics Corporation
IntelliBoard has impacted our internal operational flow—saving time and energy—because I don’t have to generate those reports every week.
Kim Jones Program Director College Division - National Institute of First Assisting (NIFA)
Great service as usual. [Support staff were] very patient and clear with suggested solutions.
Joyce Devonshire Online Coordinator - University of Mount Olive
IntelliBoard allows our faculty to see where improvements can be made in their courses. [We can] become a little more assertive with our LMS and improve the engagement from both sides.
Chrisena Williams-Brown Coordinator of LMS/Web Services - Southern University and A&M College
IntelliBoard is providing the best support across any of our vendors this year.
Danny Sesker Learning Design Coach - Pasco Public Schools
One of [my] jobs at Midwestern Career College is to track and support at-risk students. As such, [I am] also responsible for staffing the much-needed, online support staff for these students. By using IntelliBoard’s User Access Analytic Report and Aggregate Site Visits by Day and Hour Monitor, [I] was able to track user site information and could see when students spent most of their time on-line. [I] then used this information to staff the on-line support team during high-traffic hours. IntelliBoard enabled [me] to make an intentional decision that not only helped [my] at-risk students but also allowed [me] to make economical staffing decisions that supported [my] work.
Tremayne Simpson Director of Online Learning and Instructional Support - Midwestern Career College
Learning Ally trains thousands of volunteers each year in our Moodle training center for our virtual volunteering program that produces audiobooks for struggling learners, and Intelliboard has been a valuable gives us the reports and data we need to monitor our training courses and trainees. Before Intelliboard, finding the data we needed from Moodle was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Now we can easily identify where trainees are getting stuck in the courses and adjust our material accordingly. It's very comprehensive but easy to use, and IntelliBoard's support is outstanding!
Eleanor Patat Cotton Director of Production Technology & Training -
We currently have almost 10,000 Volunteers and staff members in 64 countries around the world, and e-learning is quickly becoming our main method of disseminating training. plugin is the best and most cost-effective method that I have found for interpreting data from Moodle. In just a minute or two I can give any teacher access to their student/course data via well-formed charts and graphs that are easily understandable.
Chris Dundee IT Director - Peace Corps
HVACReducation uses IntelliBoard to track learner engagement. IntelliBoard reporting and analytics solves the challenge for HVACR staff to manually track learners, and provide completion certification to their respective utility employers.
Emily Compton
We have been searching for a comprehensive way to monitor staff training or student activity on our Training Portal. is an awesome tool that provides custom reporting and exceptional customer service. This tool has made my job much easier.
Angela Russo Director of Operations, Curriculum & Training - Black Rocket Productions
Training data is more important than ever now. The Client Success Staff at IntelliBoard is well aware of this, from their response time to resolution. The knowledgeable, courteous agents are there to help out with any situation!
John Menzzasalma Senior Learning, Development & Support Manager - Sharp Electronics Corporation
No matter when the LMS changes, we can move IntelliBoard with it. We can put effort into configuring our reporting [the way we need it], and the work isn't lost.
Danny Sesker Learning Design Coach - Pasco Public Schools
With this tool it allows us to review these aspects quickly and obtain effective conclusions. In the past it used to be a time consuming and exhausting job going through every classroom you have.│ Con esta herramienta nos permite revisar estos aspectos de manera rápida y obtener conclusiones efectivas.
José M. Universidad Maritima Internacional de Panamá allows us to generate graphs of the results which facilitates the presentation of the data when presenting evidence results.│ ... aparte de esto nos permite generar gráficas de los resultados lo cual nos facilita la presentación de los datos a la hora de presentar resultados de evidencias.
Aúrea Múñoz Auditor Interno - Universidad Maritima Internacional de Panamá
InteliBoard is a tool that optimizes information to generate reports in a faster and friendlier way.│ Lo que pude observar de InteliBoard que es una herramienta que optimiza la información para generar reportes de manera más rápida y amigable.
Dídimo Figueroa Universidad Maritima Internacional de Panamá
With this tool we have management indicators on the platform that are easy and quick to access and that can be used in tools such as Microsoft Excel, even sending a periodic report to selected email.│ Con esta herramienta tenemos indicadores de gestión en plataforma de fácil y rápido acceso y que se puede trabajar en herramientas como Microsoft Excell, incluso enviar informe periódico a correo (s) seleccionados.
Karla Díaz Directora de Extensión - Universidad Maritima Internacional de Panamá
My presentation is sincere: IntelliBoard removes all technical concerns from us to help us focus on our business concerns.
Thomas Hervouet-Kasmi Digital Learning Manager - IPAG Business School
I find the scheduled reports very helpful as they provide detailed, important information right into my email box so I can action and respond as needed without having to find the information. They are a very helpful management tool for courses and system administration.
Kim Lymn WVeCampus Manager - World Vision International
The benefit was that we could integrate any data we needed, (…) we knew we wanted Moodle activity, advisor data, coaches, and demographic information all pulled together from different systems. It became much easier to merge and add more data fields as needed once we did the IntelliBoard data integration. We were able to set up the automated reports and send them to our Dean of Retention and to our advisor in the C&G program [Continuing & Graduate program].
Lynne Jensen Director of Information Technology Services - Simpson College
As I spend more time on designing/tweaking these reports, it is becoming much easier the more I run through them! They will be a fantastic resource for us moving forward, so delighted to be able to use this information again soon.
Chantal Rushworth Client Liaison - PDT Global

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