Monitor student progress in real time ­ for Administrators, Instructors, and Parents.


Get to know your learners and see their learning performance results instantly. Compare the reported data from your Moodle LMS to see where the learning process can be improved and/or where your learners may be at risk.

IntelliBoard Reports and Analytics for K12


Empower your entire school with live dashboards and the ability to monitor student progress at any time. Bring the full power of your LMS through custom reporting. Filter your Moodle LMS data, compare results, and identify at­risk students. Share results with your District or State instantly​.

Teachers and Instructors

Turn your class insights into action​. Mine the the available data available in your Moodle LMS and see it on a single dashboard. User­friendly charts, graphs, widgets, and reports that can be filtered and sorted the way ​your institution will benefit from most. Identify students who need your help, and provide instant feedback.


Get access to real­time information on your child’s progress: grades, attendance, assignments and participation directly from the gradebook. Monitor your child’s proficiency, and get real­time notifications on his/her progress. Available in 7 different languages.

Turn your data into action instantly

Improve your student performance by identifying at­risk students with the click of a button. IntelliBoard for K12​ can help you turn your student data into action ­​ improving the learning experience for everyone.

PowerSchool Integration

IntelliBoard partnered with PowerSchool to integrate the Moodle LMS with PowerSchool SIS, providing school administrators, teachers, and parents next­level analytics and reporting.

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