We make every learning management system smart

IntelliBoard is built to work with any LMS designed in Moodle.

Our goal is to deliver all of your LMS data to one place that is right for you.

Partnering with us

Our partners are an extension of our team, playing an integral role in our development and growth. IntelliBoard's business partners represent a diverse group of companies offering range of Moodle, Totara, other LMSs services and support. We are proud to work with leading technology companies that have expertise and experience in the online learning world. Together we make any LMS smart.

IntelliBoard partnership offers your company an opportunity to grow new industry of reporting and analytics in education together. It is designed to support your business growth, help find new opportunities, increase profitability and close deals more quickly.

Partnership Benefits

At IntelliBoard, we treat our Partners as our Team Members. With the goal to make every learning management system smart, our work with partners plays an important role in delivering reports and analytics that are needed with any LMS. We are happily offering following support to our Partners.

  • Training

    We offer weekly web training sessions for your team members as well as your customers.

  • Marketing

    Need an idea to market our product to your customers? We have many. Let's discuss.

  • Revenue Share

    We build this business together with our partners and we believe we should share all the benefits.

  • Tech Support

    Our 24/7 technical and customer support is available for our partners at no cost.

  • Moonami
  • eLearning Experts
  • Remote-Learner
  • eThink Education

    • eCreators
    • Blackboard
    • educmedia
    • elightenmentlearning

  • edunao
  • eLearning Software Romania
  • 3KLab Russia
  • Optimon - Digital Academy Services

  • Enovation Solutions
  • Media Maisteri
  • Titus Learning
  • LMS Factory

    • Microsoft
    • PowerSchool

Partner with us

Our goal is to provide quality reports and analytics to Moodle Learning Management System. Join us!

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