Become one of our global partners or resellers - advancing education and training worldwide.

As an IntelliBoard partner or reseller, you can expand learning solutions to your clients: solutions that improve learning through informed decisions.

Partnering with us

Our partners are an extension of our team, playing an integral role in our development and growth. IntelliBoard's business partners represent a diverse group of companies offering a range of LMS services and support. We are proud to work with leading technology companies that have expertise and experience in the online learning world. Together we make any LMS smart.

IntelliBoard partnership offers your company an opportunity to solve your clients' reporting and analytics challenges, provide them new ways to improve their learning delivery, and partner with them in a more integrated way to reach their respective goals.

Partnership Benefits

Our partner profit-sharing model, marketing, and training will make partnering with IntelliBoard lucrative, easy, and fully-supported.

  • Training

    You and your clients will love IntelliBoard. We'll ensure you and your clients have the training you need, however we can.

  • Marketing

    We have your back - from email marketing, collateral, swag, PPT, a rockin' demo site, and video commercial creation - we'll support you however we can.

  • Extention

    We're an extension of you, your services, your support, and your LMS offerings. We make your LMS smarter.

  • Revenue Sharing

    IntelliBoard provides a generous revenue sharing model for both partners and resellers.

  • Tech Support

    Our 24/7 technical and customer support is available for our partners at no cost.

  • Communication

    We'll keep you and your clients aware of all of the amazing new features we develop - and we'll keep those features coming!

Our Partners

eCreators Blackboard Remote-Learner Moonami eThink Education edunao Titus Learning eLearning Experts Media Maisteri educmedia enovation resonant uplearning mindfree lmsfactory
edu-labs optimon widesservices mlc smartway-me
bee-net ed-rom metamorphosis tugo_system Cosector HowToMoodle
elearningsoftware elightenmentlearning flagshiplms posboss elearningmedia
moodle Microsoft PowerSchool d2l canvas totara

Partner with us

Our goal is to provide quality reports and analytics for any Learning Management System.

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