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IntelliBoard is the most comprehensive reporting and analytics platform of any LMS on the market today. Feel empowered to deliver better, more effective, more engaging learning informed by what your data is telling you. Our mantra: provide the best instantly available, easy-to-use, point-and click access to your data.

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  • Chrisena Williams-Brown
    Chrisena Williams-Brown
    Coordinator of LMS/Web Services, Southern University and A&M College Learn more
  • Jim Farrell
    Jim Farrell
    Director, Learning Design and Development, SAS Learn more
  • Meg Petersen
    Meg Petersen
    Senior Program Manager IBM Training & Skills, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Learn more
  • Ryan Servant
    Ryan Servant
    Academic Affairs Technical Lead, Loyola University Maryland Learn more
  • Alison Hancox and Stephanie Krammer
    Alison Hancox and Stephanie Krammer
    Principal and Teacher, Palliser Beyond Borders Learn more
  • Melissa Hortman
    Melissa Hortman
    EdD, Assitant Professor, Director of Instructional Technology, Medical University of South Carolina Learn more
  • [These reports] give insight into teacher effectiveness as well as how to improve as a teaching team rather than individuals. These reports lay the foundation for transformational PLC work. - Craig Morh, Iowa AEA LO
  • IntelliBoard, una herramienta estratégica para el seguimiento del desempeño docente, cumplimiento de actividades y calificación de los estudiantes en entornos virtuales de aprendizaje, los reportes generados nos permiten actuar e intervenir de manera eficaz, ágil y oportuna.
    IntelliBoard, is a strategic tool for the monitoring of the teaching performance, the fulfillment of the activities and the qualification of the students in virtual environments of learning, the reports generated allow us to act and intervene in an efficient, agile and opportune way.
    - Miguel Ángel Córdova Solís Digital Technologies for Education, Director Universidad Continental, Peru

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