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The IntelliBoard Experience – Learning Analytics Out-of-the-Box

Monitor Your Institutional Performance

By providing data and insights with multiple data sets, standardized analytics utilized globally, you can ensure learning success at your organization through easy-to-understand visualizations that don't require a data science background to create.

Predict to Identify KPIs at Risk

Analyze the trajectory of each participant in the learning process in advance with a fully customizable Predictive Learning Analytics solution and identify at-risk learners to enhance the likelihood of learning success.

Intervene Automatically for High Efficiency

Automatically notify to reduce costs by intervening with struggling learners before it’s too late! Gain insights that can drive effective interventions based on the needs of each participant of your learning process.

Tracking and Documenting Conversations in One Platform

Can’t keep up with your conversations? Support your outreach efforts with the latest grade, participation, pacing, or attendance information.

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Automated Notifications to Alert the Right People

Are your insights reaching the right people? Our Notification Creator gives you the power to build, and automatically send bulk reporting with data from your systems.

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Identifying At-Risk Learners to Intervene Immediately

High-achieving, at-risk, not engaged at all? Get answers about your learner’s engagement instantly in the form of personalizable dashboards.

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Seamless Integration with Educational Systems

It's difficult to aggregate and normalize, let alone analyze! We combine your data sources to provide insights at all stages of the learning process.

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Default Library of Data Visualizations and Dashboards

Are your learning resources reaching the right people? We support all phases of the learning process: design courses based on which activities inspire students.

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Customizable Predictive Analytics to Identify KPIs at Risk

We use leading edge machine learning technology to automate identification of at-risk learners, who are predicted not to complete, not to pass, and many more.

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Meet Your Institutional KPIs with Learning Analytics

Gain Learning Analytics Expertise in Your Industry

Whether you are a Chief Learning Officer, Enrollment Officer, Retention, Faculty member, Academic Advisor, Registrar or Educator,
we have the right solution for you.

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