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See how we partner with our customers to build the future of Learning Analytics.

ABRSM Increases Efficiency of Online Music Course Sales with IntelliCart

Discover how ABRSM increased the efficiency of music course sales online with the IntelliCart e-commerce solution from IntelliBoard.


GTCC Adheres to Census Data Compliance with Canvas LMS & IntelliBoard Pro

See how the GTCC audit department and faculty use custom reporting to meet census data compliance using IntelliBoard Pro.

Albizu Achieves 90% Retention Rate With IntelliBoard Lite

Albizu Achieves 90% Retention Rate Using Powerful IntelliBoard Lite Analytics

Explore how Albizu advisors improved student retention rates by analyzing Moodle LMS data with IntelliBoard Lite.


Avianca Strengthens its Asynchronous and Synchronous Training Needs with IntelliBoard Pro

Read how Avianca achieved better staff training processes to stay ahead of its competition with IntelliBoard Lite.

EMS World

Ally Helps EMS Professionals Maintain Licenses While Overcoming Challenging Schedules

See how EMS World uses InelliBoard Pro and IntelliCart to ensure compliance with national certifications.

FUCS Evidence-Based Improvement Strategies Ensure Continuous Improvement with IntelliBoard Lite

FUCS Evidence-Based Improvement Strategies Ensure Continuous Improvement with IntelliBoard Lite

Learn how FUCS gains insights from their Moodle LMS data for interventions to continuously improve programs using IntelliBoard Lite.

Haywood Community College

Haywood Community College Builds Crucial Census Reports with IntelliBoard Pro

Explore how Haywood Community College enabled its registrar to generate customized reports with IntelliBoard Lite easily.

IPAG Business School

IPAG Business School Predicts Students At-Risk with IntelliBoard Lite & Moodle LMS

Learn about IPAG Business School’s approach to using descriptive analysis, predictive analysis, and prescriptive analysis with IntelliBoard.

Loyola University Maryland

Loyola University Augments Learning Directives with IntelliBoard Lite & Moodle LMS

Discover how deans and department chairs can recognize what type of course delivery method delivers the best results for student success.

Nash Community College

NCC Increases Engagement by Creating Personal Connections Between Students & Instructors

See how NCC saves and cuts through red tape around contact hour tracking with IntelliBoard Lite freeing faculty time.


NIFA Improves Training for Novice Perioperative Nurses Using Customized Reporting

See how NIFA made nurses’ accreditation process easier with weekly schedule reporting that replaced manual work with IntelliBoard Lite.

Palliser Beyond Borders

Palliser Beyond Borders Creates Data-Driven Learning Solutions Using IntelliBoard Lite & Moodle LMS

Read how Palliser efficiently flags students to initiate student interventions and ensure course completion at higher rates.

Rhodes University

Rhodes University Pivots to Virtual Learning & Onboards New Tech by Reimagining Existing Data

Explore how Rhodes University uses student behavior data coupled with engagement metrics to inform its pedagogical strategies.

Sharp Corporation

Sharp Adapts Course Delivery & Improves Timing Efficiency Using IntelliBoard Pro

Learn how Sharp ensures its sales and service representatives are properly trained on new products with smart notifications.

Simpson College

Simpson College Identifies & Retains At-Risk Students Using IntelliBoard Lite with Moodle LMS

Discover how Simpson College combines LMS, SIS, and Excel data to generate student-centered reports and proactively intervene.

Sol Plaatje University

Sol Plaatje University Monitors Student Engagement & Automated Government Reporting for Senate Committee Transparency

See how Sol Plaatje uses Learner and Instructor dashboards to feed the Centre for Teaching and Learning with insights about students at risk.

Southern University

SSUBR Increases Student Engagement & Ensures Eligibility Requirements are Met with IntelliBoard Pro

Explore how faculty at SUBR have altered and improved their course activities to include those that are more engaging.

Testronic Streamlines Corporate Training & Recruitment with IntelliBoard Lite & Moodle LMS

Testronic Streamlines Corporate Training & Recruitment with IntelliBoard Lite & Moodle LMS

Learn how Testronic tackled the problem of organizing LMS data in order to get actionable insights that impacted their ROI.