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IntelliBoard works with multiple LMS platforms:
Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle & Totara Learn

All your LMS data: easy, shareable, understandable, and attractive.


View your data INSTANTLY.

The true value of data visualization lies in its ability to
help you show – not just tell – your story.

  • Dashboards

    With our new Organizational Role and SubAccount features, you have the flexibility to configure multiple roles and permissions to fit your every human: Managers, Department Chairs, Employers, Parents, and every other in between.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    More than 120+ reports and analytics to slice and dice your data the way you need to see it.

  • World-class Support

    We are real people. People with backgrounds in higher education, training, and performance improvement. We know your field, and we know our product. (And our developers are WIZARDS).

Realize your Education & Training Goals

IntelliBoard works to expand the reporting and analytics of multiple LMS platforms. We deliver the data you need to inform your educational business decisions, and reach your goals faster.

"As our company explored creative ways to utilize our LMS platform for internal use and professional development we discovered several reporting needs that IntelliBoard was able to provide. Our company’s on-boarding process and training is now much more efficient. The customer service and support that we have received from IntelliBoard is exceptional and would recommend their services for traditional users or groups looking to take a more innovative approach."

Amy Correia, Project Coordinator

"HVACReducation uses IntelliBoard to track learner engagement. IntelliBoard reporting and analytics solves the challenge for HVACR staff to manually track learners, and provide completion certification to their respective utility employers."

Emily Compton, HVACReducation

"Reporting is critical for MixTelematics. IntelliBoard articulates MixTel's data in visually appealing charts and graphs, making it EASY for Compliance Managers to extract their results quickly. We need to know which courses drive the greatest value, and which courses are well-designed (and which not)."

James Hamilton, MixTelematics

"We have been searching for a comprehensive way to monitor staff training or student activity on our Training Portal. is an awesome tool that provides custom reporting and exceptional customer service. This tool has made my job much easier."

Angela Russo, Director of Operation, Black Rocket Productions

"We currently have almost 10,000 Volunteers and staff members in 64 countries around the world, and e-learning is quickly becoming our main method of disseminating training. plugin is the best and most cost-effective method that I have found for interpreting data from Moodle. In just a minute or two I can give any teacher access to their student/course data via well-formed charts and graphs that are easily understandable."

Christopher Dundy, LMS Administrator, Peace Corps

Make your data work for you.

Track and analyze your data in real-time with IntelliBoard, a Blackboard partner, Canvas partner, Desire2Learn partner, and Moodle Premium Integrator.
IntelliBoard is user-friendly, aesthetic, and our client support is nothing short of spectacular.
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