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Integrate with all your learning platforms
Analyze your data in one place and gain insights
Use machine learning to predict students and dollars at risk
Collaborate and share notifications
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Transform Your Organization with an End-to-End Learning Analytics Platform

Integrate with All Your Data Sources with IntelliBoard Pro


Integrate with All Your Data Sources 

Quickly integrate with your learning systems via more than 20 built-in integrations. ​

  • Connect your LMS, SIS, HRIS, Collaboration, and Attendance 

  • Use one standardized data schema

  • Implement custom integrations easily

Intervene & Track Communication with IntelliBoard


Analyze All Your Learner Data in One Place​

Use pre-built dashboards and reports for any role.

  • Build your own reports easily without complex programing or coding skills

  • Share insights with all stakeholders (Faculty, Student success, Registrar, Enrollment, HR Training)

  • Manage permissions per role

Analyze All Your Learner Data in One Place​ with IntelliBoard
Predict Learners and Dollars at Risk with IntelliBoard


Predict Learners & Dollars at Risk

Use your own rules or build prediction models with machine learning.

  • Select your own parameters and rules combining data from multiple systems 

  • Train the system with your historical data​

  • Get early warnings for proactive interventions

Get Data-Driven Notifications​ with IntelliBoard


Get Data-Driven Notifications

Build your own early warning notification program​.

  • Share data automatically based on rules

  • Include data from all of your sources

  • Collaborate with all users, not just those within your LMS

Get Data-Driven Notifications​ with IntelliBoard
Intervene & Track Communication with IntelliBoard


Intervene & Track Communication

Automatically track all interventions and outcomes.

  • Implement proactive corrective interventions​

  • Have full visibility on all engagements with learners​​

  • Generate reports and improve your intervention protocol​


Customer Success

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Southern University

SSUBR Increases Student Engagement & Ensures Eligibility Requirements are Met with IntelliBoard Pro

Sharp Corporation

Sharp Adapts Course Delivery & Improves Timing Efficiency Using IntelliBoard Pro

IntelliBoard is everything we need for reporting.

With the usability and all it has to offer…IntelliBoard has been great for us. I was just at our Sharp National Dealer and demonstrated it to all our dealers – a huge success!

John Menzzasalma, SharpJohn Menzzasalma, Sharp

IntelliBoard serves every Community College in North Carolina.

This is really a nice platform – all 58 community colleges in North Carolina have access. IntelliBoard is always collecting data to calculate student seat time and so much more.

Dr. Lane Freeman - Director of Online Instruction - North Carolina Community College SystemDr. Lane Freeman, North Carolina Community College System
Learners Analyzed

Learning Analytics Platform

Evaluate All Your Data on One Unified Platform

Evaluate All Your Data on One Unified Platform with IntelliBoard

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