We make every learning management system smart

IntelliBoard is built to work with any LMS designed in Moodle.

Our goal is to deliver all of your LMS data to one place that is right for you.

Making any LMS smart offers analytic and reporting services to education communities and institutions who use Moodle as their Learning Management System. We help extract the statistical data gathered available in Moodle and present it on a single dashboard in the form of printable charts, graphs, and multiple formatted reports.

Our desire is to become the best customized analytics dashboard for Moodle users even if they use 3rd party plugins or proprietary education platforms. We want you to feel empowered learning with our purpose built analytics for education. The mantra behind the technology of is continually provide the best “instantly available,” yet most simplified point-and click access to your data on the market today.

What We Do is built to work with any LMS designed in Moodle with the goal to deliver educational data analytics to single dashboard instantly. With power to turn this analytical data into simple and easy to read reports, becomes primary reporting tool.

  • Transparency

    We believe in sharing our results with community and invite everyone to join us in building better and effecient reporting tool.

  • Passion

    We love what we do. Each and every team member is here to make a difference. You won’t find anyone who’s looking at the clock at the end of the day.

  • Easy

    We all want to make it as easy as possible to track and analyze the learning progress. We are happy to work hard to make it happen.

  • Fun but committed

    Fun is what makes us great. From outdoor games to team time in the office, we make sure it’s not “all work and no play”. We love what we do.

  • IntelliBoard Team

    We dream BIG! We believe in every member of our team and rely on them daily. We all share the same vision and always look for others who feel the same. Everyone has the same vision yet is different and has his or her own unique strengths. Together we have turned great ideas into a great sought-after service.

  • Anatoliy Kochnev

    Anatoliy Kochnev

    CEO, Co-Founder
  • Enoch Kimmel

    Enoch Kimmel

  • Tonya Riney, PhD

    Tonya Riney, PhD

    VP, Client Services
  • Naomi Breckner

    Naomi Breckner

    Assistant, Client Services
  • Amy Price

    Amy Price

    Manager, Client Services
  • Volodymyr Dovhan

    Volodymyr Dovhan

    Senior Developer
  • Vitalii Koval

    Vitalii Koval

    Developer, Back-End
  • Oleksandr Yarema

    Alex Yarema

    Specialist, QA and Support
  • Taras Puhol

    Taras Puhol

    Senior IT/Network Engineer

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