IntelliBoard and Qwickly Announce Integration Partnership to Identify and Predict Students at Risk.

February 9, 2023

By: Petra Hancz

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IntelliBoard, a leading learning analytics provider, and Qwickly, a leading attendance platform, announced today an integration between the two software platforms to create a first-of-its-kind solution for higher education and corporations. The integration enables organizations to identify at-risk students and dollars to proactively intervene to maintain high retention rates and productivity.

The direct integration between IntelliBoard Next and Qwickly Attendance Pro leverages attendance tracking to enrich learner data, allowing organizations to predict students and dollars at risk better, while identifying compliance gaps and productivity issues.

Learning analytics is becoming a must-have tool for organizations using Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, or any of the many other data sources available today. Key drivers include the increasing need for analyzing student data captured from these online learning platforms.

“I am pleased to announce that Qwickly’s attendance data is now easily accessible via the IntelliBoard platform. Learning analytics is crucial for both educational institutes and corporations. Given the current economic climate, analyzing data from all sources in one place is necessary for improving the quality of education, predicting retention rates, and initiating corrective interventions promptly. It also helps predict business outcomes and monitor employee productivity. Adding attendance data to the mix will help our clients become more successful and productive.” said Anatoliy Kochnev, CEO of IntelliBoard.

“We’ve had considerable interest from enterprises and higher education institutes to combine Qwickly attendance data with other learner data sources,” said Matt Hadgis, President and Co-Founder of Qwickly. “Our partnership with IntelliBoard is a great opportunity for us and our customers to bring all this data together in a single analytics platform, helping them to overcome their retention and compliance challenges.”

The integration, developed by IntelliBoard in conjunction with Qwickly, is part of the IntelliBoard Next platform and is available for immediate use with Qwickly Attendance Pro.

About IntelliBoard

The IntelliBoard Learning Analytics Platform is designed to help organizations improve learning outcomes. Using data from a wide array of sources like learning management systems, student information systems, collaboration tools, and human resource systems coupled with predictive models, organizations can achieve their retention, engagement, and compliance goals all while gaining efficiencies.

By integrating with over 20 leading learning platforms, including 50 built-in data sets, and using predictive modeling techniques, the platform can collect and analyze data about learners and their contexts. This information is then used to provide decision-makers with data-driven insights to better their decisions and help optimize learning experiences.

Received the Inc. 5000 recognition in 2022 and 2021. Visit and connect with us today to learn more.

About Qwickly

Founded in 2013, Qwickly, Inc. is an educational software company that specializes in user experience enhancements to learning management systems and other teaching & learning systems. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Qwickly creates user-centric software solutions for clients around the world.

The intention of all Qwickly products is to ensure the focus remains on teaching and learning. With an ever-increasing interest in the development of new learning technologies, the intention of those technologies can become lost. With Qwickly, teaching and learning remain at the forefront. Our goal is that our software completes important tasks with maximum efficiency to increase productivity throughout the educational environment.

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Petra Hancz

Petra Hancz is a content and communications professional with 8 years of experience in data-driven marketing and sales with a background in data science.


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