ABRSM Increases Efficiency of Online Music Course Sales with IntelliCart

The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) is a world-leading charity for music education that provides assessments for people all over the world taking music exams on their instruments or on voice.

Prior to the pandemic, ABRSM was able to conduct face-to-face events around the world; however, when the pandemic began, they were given the opportunity to reconsider what they are truly offering teachers.

ABRSM’s Challenge

There was a clear need for online training for music teachers, especially once the pandemic began, and ABRSM wanted to develop their own platform (which they did, called the Teacher Hub). This new platform needed a payment gateway for the online training services they are providing.

Recognizing that offering a fully online global platform is challenging for many organizations, ABRSM needed a platform that was easy to set up and use, especially considering that their team consists of only two people.

Building a Successful Learning Solution

ABRSM began using IntelliCart after receiving a recommendation from Titus Learning (a UK-based company that helped ABRSM implement their Moodle LMS. Even though the team had little experience offering this type of payment service, it did not take long for them to learn how to use it effectively.

Previously, they would receive payments in the form of checks through the mail. However, using IntelliCart, the process is all streamlined and all payments are going into a payment gateway that they are already using.

Delivering Impact

Using IntelliBoard has made it easier for customers to purchase courses and process payments for ABRSM. The amount of data they receive while using IntelliCart has been extremely helpful for ABRSM as they are able to see the payments they receive easily.

Building a Long-Term, Strategic Partnership

ABRSM is currently using IntelliCart to sell online courses, but they are planning to use it for selling tickets for face-to-face events and webinars. They are also actively expanding the currencies they are offering, which has also been made easier through IntelliCart.

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IntelliBoard streamlined our user journey.

We needed a platform that was easy to use and straightforward to set up.  IntelliCart did that and helped us be more efficient. We used to take checks and people paid by post. Now, that’s all streamlined; going into a payment gateway that we’re already using. It has made the user journey and customer process much more straightforward.

Rachel Cook, ABRSMRachel Cook, ABRSM

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