Albizu University Achieves 90% Retention Rate Using Powerful IntelliBoard Analytics

Albizu University is a private, not-for-profit higher education institution offering undergraduate and graduate degrees specializing in psychology, health, education, criminal justice, and human services. The university has two campuses in Puerto Rico, one in Miami, and a robust online community.

The Challenge

Increasing the retention rate for our online school is one of Albizu’s primary goals. We want to know sooner, rather than later, if a student does not appear to be committed and concentrated within the course, i.e., if they’re not using the tools or accessing the curriculum.

Creating a Successful Solution

We capture student behavior using IntelliBoard’s Connection Frequency reports. With these reports, we can see and track activity and/or lack of action and implement methods to help students improve their study habits, better manage their time, as well as help work on any learning gap.

Making an Impact

With IntelliBoard, we are monitoring the students who connect or do not connect, and if we see its necessary, the Academic Counselor gets involved, holding sessions with the students so they can intervene with the student and explore what the student needs to improve their performance, including working with faculty and tutors.

Building a Long-term Strategic Partnership

IntelliBoard has made a significant difference at Albizu, providing the data that is used to make decisions regarding retention. Since implementing the IntelliBoard platform, our overall retention rate has increased to 90%! That means 90% of students who start a course finish that course, which is quite high.

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Our overall retention rate is now 90%.

Today, IntelliBoard is a very important tool that provides the data used to make retention decisions.

Nestor del Valle, Albizu UniversityNestor del Valle, Albizu

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