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Ally Helps EMS Professionals Maintain Licenses While Overcoming Challenging Schedules

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For 33 years, EMS World Expo has been the leading education event for emergency medical healthcare professionals. North America's largest EMT and paramedic event is an opportunity for medical experts from across the world to come together to share innovative research, demonstrate cutting-edge procedures, and drive the field of paramedicine and the delivery of emergency medical services forward.

Organization's Challenge

EMS professionals work long hours and have challenging schedules, making taking the classes they need to maintain their licenses difficult.

Building a Successful Learning Solution

EMS World has launched a learning management system (LMS) for continuing professional education. The new LMS (based on Moodle), Ally by EMS World, went live on May 9, 2022. It allows EMS professionals to take the classes required to maintain their licenses at any time, and from anywhere, through an easy-to-use online portal. Through Ally, EMS professionals have a chance to learn from the best in EMS whenever and wherever they are.

The Ally LMS allows users to watch classes online, take a post-test, and download their continuing education certificate immediately. The ability to take classes at any time—makes it simple for EMS professionals to maintain their licenses over the course of their credentialing period.

Ally uses IntelliBoard Pro to provide real-time feedback to course instructors in order to improve their course programming. In addition, IntelliBoard Pro helps to determine which students have completed courses for necessary national certification and alert the ones at risk. Synchronous (during conferences) course completion is also reported and logged.

The IntelliCart Platform is used in order to monetize the LMS courses and make them available for purchase via the Ally website. https://ally.emsworld.com/

Students completing a course are being notified automatically by the system about the completion.

Delivering Impact

The Ally value is unlike anything else offered, with the highest caliber of presenters, and will allow EMS professionals to take the classes they need to maintain their licenses on their own schedule and at an affordable price.

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The Ally value is unlike anything else offered!

Through Ally by EMS World, EMS professionals will now have a chance to learn from the best in EMS whenever and wherever they are.

Joshua D. Hartman, HMP GlobalJoshua D. Hartman, HMP Global

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