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IPAG Business School Predicts Students At-Risk with IntelliBoard Lite & Moodle LMS

IPAG Business School delivers a globally focused, top-tier education that gives students the tools they need to become multi-skilled, adaptable, and responsible managers. Founded in 1965, IPAG Business School is recognized as being of general interest (EESPIG Label), a member of CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles), UGEI (Union des Grandes Écoles Indépendantes), and AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).

In addition to its campuses in Paris (France) and Nice (France), IPAG Business School has 153 partner universities in 38 countries, including deep partnerships with universities in Kunming (China), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), and Los Angeles (California) as well as its online program IPAG online.

IPAG's Challenge

IPAG has identified three key groups of stakeholders at IPAG Business School: the executive committee, academic departments, and teachers– with each group having distinct needs. Their goal is to build reports that meet the needs of each of these stakeholders.

The executive committee is composed of senior-level executives and board officers. Since they’re concerned with how the school is faring, they need data that gives a global overview of the organization.

With the academic departments, department leaders need an overview of their specific courses in order to understand how their students and teachers are faring and make timely, efficient decisions on the departmental level.

Teachers need to monitor their students to understand what’s happening in their courses in real-time and adapt as needed, and look back on previous courses so they can design new course iterations that are even better.

Building a Successful Learning Solution

IPAG chose IntelliBoard because it’s ready to use, easy to deploy, and very budget-friendly compared to what it would cost IPAG Business School to build an analytics and reporting system. Because IntelliBoard comes ready to use, IPAG didn’t have to figure out where their data is stored or how to build reports. (Or worry about their analytics getting derailed by an LMS update).

Getting IntelliBoard up and running was a matter of simply purchasing a subscription and asking EDUNAO (their Moodle partners in France) to install it.

Delivering Impact

IntelliBoard allows IPAG to break its analyses into three levels: descriptive analysis, predictive analysis, and prescriptive analysis.

The descriptive analysis includes asking what happened and why it happened. This type of data has a huge value for teachers and academic departments, and all the needed reports are available on the IntelliBoard platform. This step focuses solely on raw data (i.e. attendance and engagement). This is basic data, but the IntelliBoard platform is able to collect it, build a report, and distribute it to the right people.

Predictive analysis has you going a step further once you know what’s happened and look for relationships in the data to predict what is likely to happen next. IPAG has the capacity to explain the success of its students because they succeed in building strong relationships between basic data. IntelliBoard’s upcoming rollout will make predictive analysis even easier and more comprehensive.

Lastly, prescriptive analysis is used to make informed decisions about what to do next. Using data from IntelliBoard reports, IPAG has the capacity to anticipate the future and make the right decisions– helping the executive committee, academic departments, and teachers have a better view of their learners’ path.

Building a Long-Term, Strategic Partnership

By building a solid partnership and a deep understanding of stakeholders from the beginning, IPAG is able to utilize IntelliBoard to get the right data to the right people at the right time. Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive Learning Analytics are tailored to each stakeholder’s needs and deliver the high-value analysis IPAG Business School needs to continue to provide its students with a truly world-class education.

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With IntelliBoard, we have the capacity to anticipate the future.

We can now make the right decisions, and help both the executive committee, the academic departments, and the teacher to have a better view of the reality of our learners’ path.

Thomas Hervouet-Kasmi, IPAG Business SchoolThomas Hervouet-Kasmi, IPAG Business School

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