Palliser Beyond Borders

Palliser Beyond Borders Creates Data-Driven Learning Solutions Using IntelliBoard Lite & Moodle LMS

Palliser Beyond Borders provides online learning opportunities to students attending Palliser Regional Schools from other areas of Alberta and Canada. Palliser works to create learning success for all students as they develop their unique potential as caring citizens in a changing world.

Their online initiative supports their mission by expanding learning choices and personalization for Palliser students and provides students access to their learning on a 24/7 basis. Palliser Beyond Borders provides flexible learning opportunities that are tailored to individual student needs.

Palliser’s Challenge

As they provide online learning opportunities for students, Palliser Beyond Borders was looking to analyze data related to retention, grades, and course progress. They had been using Moodle as their LMS, but were hoping to get reports that allow them to dig deeper into their data, such as what device they’re using, when they were last active, and their last activity.

They wanted to examine how, when, and where students used the Moodle platform. For example, understanding the kinds of devices students use informs their course design.

Teachers were also struggling in certain areas, such as grading reports, because it was cumbersome to go through each student to figure out what grades they were missing.

Building a Successful Learning Solution

Palliser was able to bundle IntelliBoard with their current service provider through Blackboard, allowing them to continue using their open-source learning management system. Previously, they manually tracked and flagged students to create student interventions to ensure completion, now they are saving time and money by not being tied to an external analysis system.

In relation to teacher struggles, the ability for teachers to access comprehensive data in Moodle has increased accessibility and efficiency. The "Needs Grading" report has been a lifesaver for a previously daunting and cumbersome task.

Palliser has also operationalized the use of data in their weekly management as they bookmark the reporting they require and then schedule the report inside IntelliBoard to distribute to their teachers and administrators on a weekly basis.

Delivering Impact

Palliser now saves about 3 hours each week in data analysis time, which they previously did manually. They are seeing better visualization of data and the ability to export it.

They are also seeing an increase in mobile device usage and retention/completion for those students since they started their data analysis with IntelliBoard. For example, they learned that students want to use mobile devices and are, therefore, redesigning their courses to ensure students are able to work in this format.

Palliser also takes advantage of the live chat feature within the IntelliBoard website, which allows them to do just-in-time action research.

Building a Long-Term, Strategic Partnership

Palliser is especially grateful that IntelliBoard is constantly open and receptive to their suggestions and feedback. Through IntelliBoard, they can figure out their best practices, and then shape the technology to support them for best teaching and learning.

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We increased our efficiency and saved money with IntelliBoard.

We look at data for retention, grades, and progress in courses and intervene as necessary. We are able to do this better than ever before, and we save about 3 hours each week in data analysis time.

Alison Hancox, Palliser Beyond BordersAlison Hancox, Palliser Beyond Borders

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