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Sharp Adapts Course Delivery & Improves Timing Efficiency Using IntelliBoard Pro

Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC) is a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Osaka-based Sharp Corporation - a company known worldwide for its unique one-of-a-kind electronic products and solutions.

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America markets Sharp's business products that can boost productivity and reduce costs. Sharp’s products include networked multifunction office solutions and professional and commercial displays.

Sharp Home Electronics Company of America is the U.S. Consumer Products division of Sharp Electronics Corporation and combines manufacturing, marketing, and service. Sharp works to create balance with products that can benefit people's lives.

Sharp's Challenge

In the past, Sharp had been relying on a single internal developer. With multiple LMSs, Sharp needed a system that was easy to implement and use. Their newer LMS, SharpSmart, is for their new product sales training. They now have a Windows collaboration display from Sharp and a new software package called Synappx that needed integration.

They were also looking for easier ways to track learning progress and success, which would allow them to update their material for greater efficiency and retention.

Building a Successful Learning Solution

Sharp first learned about IntelliBoard when coming across the company at MoodleMoot and was immediately impressed by what the system had to offer.

Sharp especially uses the IntelliBoard notification center to create notifications for sales representatives who complete (or don’t) the training for their new products, allowing for greater communication efficiency.

The notification center also has the flexibility to send daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly - giving Sharp greater options when interacting with their staff.

Delivering Impact

Since starting IntelliBoard, Sharp has changed the structure of its learning delivery. After reviewing some of the reports and the information, they are doing more of the SCORM packages. This change allows them to get more feedback from IntelliBoard on that particular SCORM package.

Depending on how long the SCORM presentation is, if the rep didn't spend enough time in it or didn't spend the actual time required within that SCORM package, they can see this data through IntelliBoard.

On the service side, they have changed the delivery of the modules to fit the schedules of their service faculty. They review the time spent in a section and work to adjust course timing.

If someone fails a course, they can review and balance their time with the material and provide feedback to their service manager. If, for example, they’ve estimated an x-minute completion time—and someone spends 20% of that time in the course— they can provide feedback about how to complete it properly.

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IntelliBoard is everything we need for reporting.

With the usability and all it has to offer...IntelliBoard has been great for us. I was just at our Sharp National Dealer and demonstrated it to all our dealers - a huge success!

John Menzzasalma, SharpJohn Menzzasalma, Sharp

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