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Utilizing the full power of data within Canvas LMS is essential for institutions committed to improving learner outcomes. Join IntelliBoard and members of Wilson College and Drury University for a panel discussion to explore best practices on how learning analytics can improve your Canvas LMS experience.

Participate in a discussion about best practices of utilizing learning analytics, exposing the challenges inherent in gaining insights from your LMS. We will also analyze the untapped potential of combining data from diverse sources (LMS, SIS, CRM, HRIS) to ensure engagement, predict at-risk learners, increase retention, meet compliance, and grow revenue.

Webinar Highlights

  • Learning Analytics framework: Learn about the core concepts of learning analytics, including predictive models, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

  • LMS limitations and how to overcome them: Explore the hurdles that educators and institutions face in extracting valuable information from their LMS.

  • Multiple metrics: Bringing together multiple metrics in reports or dashboard form.

  • Building custom reports: how to create custom reports and dashboards for all stakeholders.

  • Predictive Modeling: Explore the world of predictive analytics and how to identify early intervention opportunities.

  • Outcome-Based Examples: Our expert panel will share best practices and real-world examples, equipping you with practical solutions to overcome data challenges.

About the Speakers

Cynthia Hyland
Cynthia Hyland

Director of Academic Technology

at Wilson College

Transformational Educational Leader and Innovator with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Curriculum Planning, Educational Technology Integration, STEM Initiatives, Creative Problem Solving, K-Adult Education, and Collaborative Leadership. PA tenured, Certified Early & Elementary Education, Instructional Technology PK-12, PK-12 Administration / Principal & Letter of Eligibility Superintendent PK-12.

Tim Ponder Drury
Tim Ponder

Instructional Designer

at Drury University

Coming soon.

Greta Ferkel
Greta Ferkel, Ed.S.

Managing Director

at Harrisburg University

Greta Ferkel is a results-oriented executive leader with proven experience building high-performing teams and technology-enhanced education learning environments. A strategic thinker focused on distance education and the development of quality online education experiences using social media, adaptive learning, game mechanics, and assessment.

Charles Lee
Charles Lee

Director of Solutions Consulting

at IntelliBoard

Charles Lee brings extensive experience from Genius and Blackboard, collaborating with hundreds of education-focused organizations to improve their learning and development initiatives using a variety of innovative software technologies, pedagogical approaches, and implementation best practices. Skilled in building, deploying, and administrating Learning Management Systems (LMS), Virtual Collaboration tools (VILT), Student Information Systems (SIS), and Digital Asset/Knowledge/Content Management Systems (DAM).

Elizabeth Dalton
Elizabeth Dalton

Learning & Development Analyst

at IntelliBoard

Elizabeth Dalton holds an M.Ed. in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University and is a Doctoral Candidate in Education at the University of New Hampshire, specializing in predictive learning analytics. She has worked in online learning as an instructional designer, instructor, learner, and system administrator for over twenty years. Her work emphasizes interpreting data using human values.