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The Venetian has been taken over by Instructure’s new Educational Ecosystem! Or, as we lovingly refer to it, The Ed-cosystem. Fortunately, the Ed-cological Exploration Society is here to guide you on your journey…

Join the Ed-cological Exploration Society!

In 1887, acclaimed professor Dr. Kavita Dharmaraju set out to discover the perfect teaching method. What she learned… is that it doesn’t exist.

But there were countless individuals who shared her love of learning, and the goal of educating everyone. So Dr. Dharmaraju founded the Ed-cological Exploration Society, with chapters around the world devoted to life-long learning.

And now, for the first time ever, those Chapters are joining up at InstructureCon2024! The Ed-cological Exploration Society is holding an open recruitment session, looking for the new generation of Ed-cological Explorers. Be sure to stop by all their booths and discover which Chapter best suits you!

What to Expect at InstructureCon 2024

  • Attend educator-led sessions on the pedagogical and technological topics most important to you.

  • Hear product announcements and what’s coming next for the Instructure ecosystem.

  • Get inspired by education professionals focused on redefining teaching and learning.

  • Connect with your peers, meet up with our partners, and expand your network.

  • Experience unique learning activities, including hack night, a hands-on learning lab, a genius bar, and poster sessions.

  • Enjoy social events, wellness activities, and more!