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Our experts will share best practices and real-world examples, equipping you with practical solutions to overcome data challenges relating to the learners journey.

Webinar Highlights

  • Discover how aggregating data from multiple learning sources – learning management systems, HRIS, collaboration tools, and attendance records – can enrich your understanding of learner performance and educational effectiveness and drive actionable insights.

  • Explore the hurdles that educators, trainers, and institutions face in extracting valuable information from their learning management systems.

  • Learn about the world of predictive analytics and how to identify early intervention opportunities.

  • Learn how our partner SensCy is helping clients like you overcome Cybersecurity threats with learning analytics and MoodleLMS.

About the Speakers

Becky Keith
Becky Keith

Chief Product Officer at IntelliBoard

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SensCy, Dave Kelly
Dave Kelly

 Co-founder and CTO at SensCy

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