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As the educational landscape continues to evolve, the ability to extract meaningful insights from your LMS and the eLearning ecosystem at large becomes critical to create and maintain competitive advantages.

On Wednesday, February 21 we invite you to a comprehensive discussion about the value of learning analytics in education, addressing the challenges inherent in turning LMS data into actionable insights. We will also look into the untapped potential at the different levels of practice and how a common language informed by data can connect diverse teams and sources, to provide a cohesive roadmap toward engagement, retention, compliance, revenue, and growth.

Our expert panel will share best practices and real-world examples, equipping you with practical solutions to overcome data challenges.

Webinar Highlights

  • Learn about core concepts of learning analytics and their relationship to AI, Machine Learning, and Large Language Models (LLMs)

  • Identify common hurdles educators face in extracting valuable information from their LMS, and actionable steps to overcome them

  • Discover how to enrich your understanding of learner performance by aggregating data from multiple sources including an LMS, SIS, HRIS, and more

  • Get a head start with predictive analytics and how they can help you identify early intervention opportunities

About the Speakers

Elizabeth Dalton
Elizabeth Dalton

Learning & Development Analyst at IntelliBoard

Elizabeth Dalton holds an M.Ed. in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University and is a Doctoral Candidate in Education at the University of New Hampshire, specializing in predictive learning analytics. She has worked in online learning as an instructional designer, instructor, learner, and system administrator for over twenty years. Her work emphasizes interpreting data using human values.

Stephen Ladek
Stephen Ladek

Principal, eLearning Advocacy
at OpenLMS

If you’re wondering how to deliver killer, high-value learning outcomes for students, employees, or customers, Ladek is a guy you want to know. For more than a decade, he’s been a go-to resource for instructors, experts, companies, and institutions about creating the very best online learning and remote working solutions.