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This year’s conference theme is EMPOWER! Come learn how you can empower yourself, your students, and your colleagues!

Join us in person at Tacoma Community College or virtually in Zoom from March 27th to 28th, #WACC2024.

The WACC conference is back and this year we’ll be exploring FLEX/hyflex mode as an option for presenter and participant conference attendance. This means you get to choose how you attend! Join us for 1 ½ days of sharing uplifting teaching, learning, and technology topics that will EMPOWER you and your student success.

Keynote sessions:

  • Day 1 | Dr. Jenni Hayman: Empowering Education Through Generosity –  The evolving dynamics of higher education and generosity play a pivotal role in empowering learners, educators, and institutions. Generosity is the sharing of knowledge, sharing of power, and the co-creation of policy and process with learners and colleagues. It is the heart of open education, equity, diversity, and inclusion, genuine collaboration, and flexible, successful, technology-enriched teaching and learning. It is the heart of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Join us to envision and actively engage with a flexible and adaptable generosity-oriented education model that empowers us, our colleagues, our institutions, and most especially our learners to succeed.

  • Day 2 | Brinda Sivaramakrishnan:  Tapping into Collective Consciousness –  A missing feature in mainstream academia is acknowledging the empowering aspect of community healing that is foundational in most worldviews and cultures. The challenging work of dismantling harmful institutional precedents and building strong campuses calls for a space to reflect. Join us for a gathering that provides time to honor our individual experiences, engage in deep rest, and restore our energy reserves with breath and meditation techniques coming from an ancient lineage. Enjoy this hour empowering with a facilitator who is authentically connected to the lineage and ceremony behind the techniques.