Platform Features

We make your learning management system smart. IntelliBoard integrates with multiple LMS platforms: Blackboard Learn, Brightspace | D2L, Canvas, Moodle, ILIAS and Totara Learn.

An Intelligent Dashboard

Unlock the power of your data through the IntelliBoard dashboard. Navigate quickly to the focus areas important to your organization: completion, retention, traffic, revenue, and many more.

  • Compatible with multiple LMS platforms
  • Provides dashboards for learners and instructors
  • Automated notifications
  • Supports multiple organizational roles
  • Real-time customizable reports

Track & Improve User Engagement

IntelliBoard gives you multiple reports, analytics and notifications - with point-and-click ease. Data that provides insights into learner focus, instructor engagement, and learner success. Information you need that can impact your learning/teaching methodologies right now.

  • User Engagement
  • Learner Completion
  • Engaged/Not Engaged Totals
  • Instructor Activity
  • Progress Summaries

Identify At-Risk Learners

Learner retention is a key focus for many of the organizations we serve. IntelliBoard provides data from several points of focus to show a clear picture of learners in jeopardy, based on time spent, grade averages, activity within the system/courses, and so much more.

  • Learner Success & Progress
  • User Status Summary
  • Overdue Users
  • Past Due Assignments
  • Learner Compared to Course Average
  • Activity Status Detail

Enable Learner Self-Management

IntelliBoard provides your learners with a personal dashboard of their grades and activity, allowing them to manage their effort, progress and timelines to achieve success.

  • Course Average Comparison
  • Assignment/Quiz Completion
  • Course Progress
  • Activity Participation
  • Correlations and Grades

Create Better Assessments

Learner assessment is a critical function for any learning organization. No matter what your assessments are tied to (objectives, certification, etc.), they need to demonstrate learner mastery. IntelliBoard has tools to identify rigor, trends, and statistical data to inform the assessment process.

  • Learner Quiz Activity
  • Quiz Grades
  • Quiz Overview
  • Quiz Grade Distribution

Track Instructor Engagement

IntelliBoard provides you the tools to help you understand how your instructors interact with your LMS and their respective learners.

  • Teaching Activity
  • Teaching Performance
  • Most Active Courses
  • Most Active Teachers

Inform Every Area of the Educational Process

We have so much more to show you, but we think you should check it out for yourself.
Our list of reports grows every day.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Sitewide Monitors
  • Communication Reports (Big Blue Button, Collaborate, Google Meet, Teams, Zoom)
  • Attendance tools (InAttendance)
  • Recommending Learner Pathways (Recommend)

Make your data work for you!

IntelliBoard is user-friendly, aesthetic, and our client support is nothing short of spectacular. We'll help to identify specific reports and analytics for your most immediate needs and partner with you for future ones.