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August 15, 2022

By: Megan Larkin

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Coming this August to a conference near you!

iFEST | Alexandria, VA | 16-18 August – A new paradigm of learning

iFEST 2022 is the premier conference on Distributed Learning, bringing together 500+ thought leaders, innovators, and senior officials from the military, government, industry, and academia to share the latest challenges, innovations, and opportunities for collaboration.

Health, safety, defense, and financial organizations need access to their high-stakes training data. It’s non-negotiable. The IntelliBoard Learning Analytics Platform empowers your organization to not only access that data, but make it truly actionable. Build your own reports and tailored dashboards to visualize your data and stay informed on the quality of your training. Share your data automatically with users who need it and provide totally customizable communication oriented to the competency, job requirement, or licensing mandate your organization needs. And so much more!

How much more? Come visit us at our booth in the Plaza Ballroom Foyer and find out! Our CRO Jack Dilanian, COO Tonya Riney, PhD, and the man himself – IntelliBoard CEO and co-founder Anatoliy Kochnev – will all be there ready and waiting to talk all things data.

This in-person event will be at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. It’s not too late to register!

MoodleMoot Colombia | Virtual | 24-25 August – Building meaningful learning experiences

We’re excited to connect with our friends at MoodleMoot Colombia. This premier conference for Spanish-speaking education and technology professionals facilitates the collaboration and exchange of knowledge on trends, management, and best practices around the most used LMS in the world: Moodle.

Educational institutions need access to data that will impact retention, course, instructor, and student success. These data points can come from a wide variety of sources within Moodle, from your educational institution’s student information system (SIS), or even via spreadsheets with data managed by specific individuals. The IntelliBoard Learning Analytics Platform brings it all together giving you the key insights you need while saving you time and resources.

Join our own Juan Camilo Prieto on August 24 at 2pm local time for a presentation “5 Solutions That Will Transform Your Data.”

Learn more about the solutions that can transform YOUR data including:

  • Enhancing Data Visualization
  • Combining Data Sets
  • Simplifying Student Communication
  • Saving Time for Faculty
  • Predicting Students At-Risk

Register for MoodleMoot Colombia today! It’s free!

Want to keep up to speed on all our conference appearances and webinars? Check out the IntelliBoard Events Page and come join us. We’d be happy to save you a seat.

Are you part of a data-driven learning organization interested in learning analytics for EVERYONE? Schedule a meeting with us or take advantage of our webinars. We’d love to help you harness the power of your data.

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Megan Larkin

Ann McGuire is an experienced marketer with more than 20 years creating content, marketing communications programs, and strategies for tech firms. She reads, writes, and lives in New Haven, CT with her husband and two needy cats.


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