Becky Keith Promoted to CPO to drive the company’s product vision.

October 21, 2022

By: Heather Leekins

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Becky Keith has been promoted to Chief Product Officer. Becky drives IntelliBoard‘s product vision in her new role and oversees the product roadmap, value creation, collaboration across the organization functions, and client education.

“We are so excited for Becky to step into this opportunity to use her experience within our organization to serve our clients better. Becky worked closely with educators to understand their challenges and tailor data-driven technology solutions to answer them.” – Anatoliy Kochnev, CEO and co-founder

Since joining IntelliBoard in Dec 2017, Becky has served as Vice President of Education. During that time, Becky was instrumental in positioning IntelliBoard as an Enterprise Learning Analytics Solution provider.

“The opportunity to lead a strong group of innovators and unite our organization around a platform vision is incredibly exciting and humbling. Not many people get to say they work on something that will change the world, and I truly believe what we’re building will change the world. My number one focus is building a platform that comes alongside our institutional and corporate partners to proactively identify learners who need their support, culminating with achievement and successful learning outcomes.” – Becky Keith, Chief Product Officer

The IntelliBoard Learning Data Analytics Platform helps organizations improve learning outcomes. By building predictive models leveraging data from various sources such as LMS, SIS, HRIS, and more, organizations can achieve their retention & engagement goals while being more efficient. Received the Inc. 5000 recognition in 2022 and 2021. Visit and connect with us today to get started!

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