Corporations and Training Departments have unique reporting needs

Whether you are a training company or an internal training department, you need reporting. We have it.

Get the reporting you need more efficiently – right now.

The eLearning world is frequently an intangible environment of training delivery with few resources to validate efforts. IntelliBoard reporting provides tangible reports and graphs that provide the validation you need to move your company and your employees forward.

  • Benefit: Reporting

    Managers can review employee progress quickly and easily with scheduled reporting and/or access to a personalized dashboard.

  • Benefit: Informing

    Inform your eLearning efforts with real-time data that provides insight on training effectiveness.

  • Benefit: Monitoring

    Use reports and analytics to monitor progress, certifications, and mandatory/compliance training.

In-depth Insights

Multiple organizations use IntelliBoard worldwide to provide analytic insights into their data.

Unlock the power of your data through the IntelliBoard dashboard. Navigate quickly to the focus areas important to your organization: completion, retention, traffic, revenue, and many more.

Personalize the experience

The ability to create dashboard templates allows the administrator to further personalize the experience of the various IntelliBoard users: managers can view specific learners, specific courses, and specific monitor sets – all pre-determined by the super admin.

Users get the data they need to make changes instantly; system admins can create role/responsibility specific access that frees them from ongoing reporting maintenance.

Use your own powerful data

Use the power of your own data to create the most comprehensive LMS available. Move learners farther, faster, with intelligent reporting that informs your educational business decision making.

With more than 120+ reports, customizable dashboards, conditional notifications, and so much more – you've never dreamed that the LMS environment can be as effective, as capable, and as easy as it is with IntelliBoard.

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