K12: The foundation of civilized society.
Let's make that easier.

The work you do for your kids, your schools, your districts is so important. You should be able to see evidence of that dedication - effortlessly.

IntelliBoard reporting and analytics complements your learning management system.

Teachers and Administrators need easy access to tools that provide information. Information that you can act upon to help catch struggling students, to inform parents/guardians, and so much more.

Ease of use

No complex degree in data science required. Just easy-to-read information about what is happening with the student, in the classroom, throughout the school and throughout the district.

The right data
at the right time

IntelliBoard allows you to see engagement immediately. Understanding how your students are interacting (or not) with the learning environment helps provide opportunities to intervene.


Data is meaningful throughout an entire system, whether it's for your school, your district, county, or state. The ability to spot performance trends is critical for so many - in so many ways.

Intervene at the right time

Schools worldwide use IntelliBoard to provide analytic insights into their data. Student engagement is a key focus for many of the education systems we serve. IntelliBoard provides data from several key data points to provide a clear picture of students in jeopardy. With dozens and dozens of reports and the ability to create your own, we make your LMS smarter.

  • Learner Success & Progress
  • Learner Status Summary
  • Overdue Learners
  • Past Due Assignments
  • Learner Compared to Course Average
  • Activity Status Detail

Insights into engaged learning

To be successful with your learning management system, you need engaged students and teachers. IntelliBoard provides multiple reports, analytics and notifications that keep your students focused, data that impacts your learning methodologies, as well as information about teacher content and participation.

Systemwide Data Access

To improve education, multiple people need access: Student, Guardian, Teacher, Principal, Superintendent. But so many others need access to the data as well - course directors, compliance administrators, and those tasked with government reporting. Each can have his/her own access, permissions and filters to provide the data critical to job function.

Our Clients

Make your data work for you!

IntelliBoard is user-friendly, aesthetic, and our client support is nothing short of spectacular. We'll help to identify specific reports and analytics for your most immediate needs and partner with you for future ones.

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