Jim Farrell Director, Learning Design and Development SAS

SAS is an American multinational developer of analytics software. SAS develops and markets asuite of analytics software (also called SAS), which helps access, manage, analyze and reporton data to aid in decision-making. The company is the world's largest privately held softwarebusiness, and its software is used by most of the Fortune 500.

Jim Farrell, Director of Learning Design and Development for SAS, shared how SAS uses IntelliBoard:
We use IntelliBoard to solve several different reporting problems. One is to provide reporting to SAS customers on their [respective] employees, the courses, and the employee activity when they purchase training from us. They see a return on investment for training, with confirmation that their folks are completing the training. [IntelliBoard] also provides our customers communication pathways for relationship transparency. A second challenge for SAS eLearning reporting was global. We didn’t have a way to give our global employees a way, internally, to view the training their employees were taking. [IntelliBoard] solved an internal and external problem: how do we share what folks are doing?
I'm even more excited 5.0. IntelliBoard has organized reports that we can break down by individual people and cohorts, mirroring our internal system. All of our customers are in cohorts, so it makes it very easy to get segmented customer reporting—and not be worried about [what someone] shouldn't be seeing.
[We use] the ability to have scheduled reports sent to [specific] people. That's a huge [problem-solver], because folks might not go into the system to view their data, but they will view a report via their inbox. This saves me time.
[The new Organizational Roles inside IntelliBoard] are a game changer for our customer service people. They don't have time to be looking for “things.” They need convenience—a push instead of a pull for data. This means our customers will have a better experience, too.
Many of our divisions are creating packages of courses. [We were previously limited] to reporting on single courses. With the cohort ability, we can pull reports on groups of people, and report on someone's behavior across several courses. This is a much more powerful story.
[For future uses of IntelliBoard] It will help our customer service people find people before they expire in their respective courses, and respond. [We want to treat] learning as a campaign, almost a marketing campaign; an example might be [the customer] did lesson one and lesson two in one week and [the customer doesn’t return] for 3 weeks. We need that information to reach out to that customer to encourage their completion; make sure they're successful. [Another application for IntelliBoard], "You're about to finish Programming One. Did you know if you did Programming Two, you would have the learning you need to be Base SAS certified?" There's always that: "Here's what's next."

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